Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dress For Succes

Today's issue is about how to develop a winning image, particularly when preparing for a job interview. Now, I'm not saying image is everything. Great-looking clothes will not get you the job. But remember taht bad-looking clothes will almost certainly reduce your chances of success.

Imagine there are two candidates for a job. They have exactly the same talent and ability, and are equal in every way. Which one will the employers choose ? 
The answer is the one who looks the best- has the neatest appearance and projects the best image.

The way you look at an interview can make all the difference. You have just a few minutes to establish a successful and positive image. How can you do that? Easy- just look the part.

Dress conservatively but with style. For men, this means a navy blue or dark gray suit and a patterned tie for color. Wear a white or a blue shirt. Make sure your shirt sleeve are not too long and that your pants just reach the top of your shoes. If you have grown or put on weight, then your suit may no longer fit well. Throw it away and get another. Nothing is worse than a man in a suit that doesn't fit.

For woman, there is no "rule" to follow. Choose an outfit that you like, which gives you confidence and looks "serious." No revealing party dresses or very bright colors. Try to be conservative and keep colors simple. Your make-up and perfume should be light and low key. Don't wear too much jewelry. Simple is better. Unless you want to be a fashion designer, don't risk wearing anything too unusual.

Keep your diary, purse or wallet, pens, and other things in your briefcase. By the way, your briefcase says a lot about you, so make sure it looks professional- an old school bag or backpack could mean disaster. As for shoes, they must be well-polished and in good condition. There is no point wearing expensive clothes if you then wear old and tired-looking shoes. And never wear the same thing twice. If you have a second interview, wear something different.

Finally, remember to sit up straight. This will help you look confident. Of course, you will be anxious, but if you appear calm and positive, it will show that you have a good attitude. Smile as often as you can, and the most important try to be yourself ! Never give up !!!

p/s: just nak kongsi apa yang aku belajar hari ini. Semoga bermanfaat untuk orang lain.